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Postnatal management of a right or double aortic arch, Paediatrics

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To identify children with a prenatal diagnosis of a right aortic arch (RAA) or double aortic arch (DAA) and to ensure a streamlined approach to postnatal investigation, treatment and follow up.


To ensure streamlined, multi disciplinary postnatal care for children with an antenatally detected right or double aortic arch.


Communication between prenatal and postnatal teams is vital to ensure a smooth transition from prenatal to postnatal life. Ensuring the appropriate investigations and follow up assessments are arranged.


  1. Parents should be offered prenatal genetic analysis
  2. Parents should be offered postnatal genetic analysis for 11 deletion
  3. Patients will be entered into PRAADA (retrospective) study
    1. As part  of  the  study  surveillance,  parents/clinicians  will  intermittently  be  provided  with  clinical questionnaires, to assess for any evidence of symptoms g. respiratory/ENT or dysphagia
  4. Prenatal Pathway Figure 1
  5. Postnatal Pathway Figure 2


Prenatal pathway

Postnatal pathway

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