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Guidance for families and children who have attended the Emergency Department with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Emergency Medicine


Your child has attended the Emergency Department with at least one of the following symptoms:

  • New, persistent cough (several episodes of coughing that persist throughout the day)
  • Loss of smell (anosmia) or taste
  • Fever (feeling hot to touch or temperature above 37.8°C on a thermometer)

Your child has been assessed as being well enough for ongoing care in the home setting and does not require admission to the hospital.

When should I seek further medical attention?

Whether or not your child has COVID-19, if they develop any of these concerning features, then they must attend the hospital:

  • Blue tinged lips or skin
  • Laboured or fast breathing
  • Mottled skin
  • Reduced conscious level
  • Reduced feeding/not tolerating feeds (less than 50% of normal or frequent vomiting)
  • Reduced frequency of urination (should pass urine at least 4 times/day)

Parental concern is important and we take this seriously. If you are worried your child is becoming more unwell and needs a further assessment then please arrange this via the GP, NHS 24 or attend the emergency department depending on your level of concern.

If you are concerned that your child is very unwell, then you must ring 999 immediately.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 30 October 2020

Next review: 01 November 2021

Author(s): Steve Foster

Approved By: RHC ED Governance Group