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Point of care ultrasound for vascular access in PICU

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This guideline contains information to help setup and optimise the Samsung HS40 Ultrasound for vascular ultrasound in PICU.


This document is procedural guidance.


Paediatric Intensivists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Anaesthetists experienced in the insertion of vascular access devices under point-of-care ultrasound guidance.

1. Turn on ultrasound machine

If fully shut down must be plugged in

2. Open probe selection menu

Probe shaped icon at left upper quadrant of lower screen 

3. Select probe of choice by patient size

Small child  -  Hockey stick  - LS6 -15
Large child  -  Linear – LA3 -16AD

4. Select appropriate preset for task

Small child  –   MSK then superficial  
Large child  –   Vascular then venous

5. Image optimisation – Orientation

Adjust by selecting L/R Flip

Position of blue Samsung label on image screen denotes position raised probe marker

6. Image optimisation – Depth

Adjust depth with Depth lever

Down – increases depth
Up – reduces depth

7. Image optimisation – Gain

Adjust brightness by rotating 2D knob

Clockwise – increases gain
Anticlockwise – reduces gain






8. Image optimisation – Focus

Adjust focal point with Focus lever

Down – lowers focal point
Up – raises focal point

Focus shown with 2 arrow heads on depth gage at RHS of image screen


9. Colour Doppler

Press C button to enter colour Doppler

Adjust box size by pressing button shown and rotating roller ball.  Box on image screen becomes dotted. Confirm size by pressing button again. Box on image screen becomes solid

Adjust box position with roller ball when box on image screen in solid.

Close colour doppler by pressing 2D button.

10.  Once procedure complete

  • Clean probe 
  • Switch off machine  (shut down mode)
  • Ensure plugged in to maintain battery charge
Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 31 March 2020

Next review: 31 March 2023

Author(s): Dr Steven McVea, Dr Chinmay Joshi, Dr Neil Spenceley

Approved By: PICU Guidelines Group

Reviewer Name(s): Dr Colin Begg, Dr Chinmay Joshi