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The Peer Support Network is a multi-disciplinary team of people who work within RHC who have undergone further training to help support their peers at RHC. This network is available to all staff who would benefit from chatting through issues with a friendly peer.

Peer support is a well documented and researched support mechanism for people involved in events with the potential for emotional impact, as health care staff face everyday. The fallout for people affected by critical incidents can have a long lasting and significant impact on their wellbeing and behaviours and this can extend to affect the staff member’s patients, families, teams and institutions.

Often staff will not seek help for situations they find challenging, do not know where to look, or don’t feel comfortable discussing things with people outside their area. People often find it easier to talk to others that have shared a similar experience and who can empathise with situations that arise within a shared environment. The Peer Support Network is a team of staff working within critical care at RHC and include medical, nursing and support staff. Over 30 staff have undergone training from an accredited trainer in Critical Incident Stress Management to help support their peers.

The Peer Support Network Charter describes how people are selected and trained for a role as a peer supporter, as well as including how to access the service, and the confidentiality agreement that is to be upheld by peer supporters. All interactions with the Peer Supporters Network will be kept confidential unless someone were to be considered a risk to themselves or someone else. If more in-depth or professional help is required then please contact Occupational Health, your GP or NHS 111.

In order to access the service, please email with a completed PSN Referral Form (Word doc) or complete the form online. The list of Peer Supporters available in the network can be found below.

If you would like to access additional information on wellbeing, there are further resources available on our staff Wellbeing page.

Peer Supporters

Lorna Aitken - Senior Staff Nurse, PICU
Hi I'm Lorna, I work in PICU.  I love all things food related although I'm fussy and hate mushrooms. Still game would be my mastermind topic! 

Phyllis Bain - Clerical Officer, ED
My name is Phyllis.  I am an A+E clerical officer in the Royal Hospital for Children. I have worked for the NHS for 15 years beginning in Stobhill A+E.I enjoy my job as I get to meet lots of interesting people, staff and patients. I like to relax in my spare time by meeting with old and new friends, hill walking and reading. I have three daughters who are all grown up now but still manage to challenge me in all sorts of different ways.

Jane Bakker - Trainee Emergency Nurse Practitioner
Hi I’m Jane. I’m a trainee ENP working in ED. I’ve worked in ED for 8 years which I love due to the variety of patients we see. I like a bit of running and hillwalking.

Natalie Bee - Consultant Paediatrician in Emergency Medicine
I am a Consultant Paediatrician with a specialist interest in high dependency care. I completed two years working in intensive care to provide the skills to work in an acute field of paediatrics. My role as an A&E consultant combines a fast pace of working with high levels of clinical acuity. I am a keen educator with a focus on non-technical skills and team learning. I have a national quality improvement interest and I am Clinical Co-lead for Evidence Based Medicine and Appraisals for RCPCH.

I have numerous hobbies outside work with a love of singing, live music, interior design, photography and paddle boarding.

I am delighted to be a peer supporter – I am very approachable and always happy to provide a listening ear.

Donna Burns - Staff nurse, ED
My name is Donna.  I am 36 years old and I am a staff nurse within the Children’s Emergency Department in Glasgow.  I have worked here for nearly 15 years.  I enjoy my job and the ever changing pace of the Emergency Department.

I have two small children and a husband who keep me busy on my days off.  I enjoy meeting my friends for coffee at soft play. 

Mike Clarke - Staff Nurse, Theatres
Hi, my name is Mike and I have needed someone to talk to in the past, I have been fortunate to have known some excellent friends, teachers and managers in my life; those that still believed in me despite actively pushing them away.

At times it may be difficult to know who to trust or how much to divulge, take your time and let me or one of my colleagues listen.

I have no wish to fix you or hand out advice, what I can do is listen without judgement and perhaps enable you to process and compartmentalise issues that need to see the light of day in a safe and controlled environment.

Privacy and confidentiality are very important to me and my pledge is never to make light of or share the contents of meetings with anyone outside of the Peer Support Network, I may have to seek support from more experienced colleagues but this will be discussed with you.

Many thanks for reading, please talk to any of my colleagues if you think we can help.

Eilidh Cowie-Reilly - Senior Staff Nurse, PICU
Hey I’m Eilidh, I’m a Senior Staff Nurse in PICU I have worked there for 10 years. I have a 3 year old boy who keeps me busy in my free time, but when I do get 5 minutes to myself I love nothing better than catching up on a Greys Anatomy (no judging :) )

Peter Donnelly - Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
I’m Peter! I am a PICU Consultant and lead for Peer Support. Interested in all things LGBT and known to do a bit of irish dancing and Tik Tok’n in my spare time! 

Neil Dunlop - Staff Nurse, PICU
Who is that strapping, photogenic specimen in that photo above? If that’s what you’re thinking you’re looking at the wrong photo. Scottish through and through, apart from the Italian DNA gifted to me by the great grandparents!! Art in most forms makes me happy, except musical theatre!!  My other half is much more talented and smarter than I and thankfully passed on her awesome to our two crazy kids! Fun fact about me, I have played drums in numerous bands since the age of 14 and may well get back on the throne soon so watch this space!

Working in this hospital can be tough at times, but I love it!  We are all one big team and I’m passionately committed to drive, improve and innovate wellbeing initiatives in the hospital!

Karen Fletcher - Staff Nurse, ED
I’m Karen and I have been working as a Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department for nearly 5 years. Previously I worked as an outdoor instructor and still enjoy taking time climbing, biking and sailing. I think we all need a bit of extra support and care sometimes and I am really pleased to be a part of this team helping where we can.

Christina Harry - Consultant Paediatric Intensivist, ScotSTAR Paediatric Clinical Lead
I am a consultant in PICU and retrieval.  When I’m not working, I love travel and getting out and about in Scotland’s glorious sunshine!  Failing that, I can be found chasing my tribe of children.

Karen Harkins - Senior Staff Nurse, PICU
Hi I'm Karen. I am Senior Staff Nurse in PICU & Peer support wroker. I enjoy spending time with my husband & 3 kids, catching up with friends over a wine. I am also a Scentsy Consultant!

Scott Hendry - Consultant Paediatrician in Emergency Medicine
I have enjoyed working as one of the Consultant team in the Emergency Department here at RHC since 2005. I know as well as anyone that stressful situations can arise at work and that, sometimes, we may find ourselves surprised how difficult they can be to deal with. For these occasions, myself and colleagues in the Peer Support Network are here to listen, respond and support. Away from work, I value family time and enjoy most sports, although my 5-a-side football career has been terminated by concerned work colleagues.

Hannah Hopper - Senior staff nurse, Theatres
I did my child nurse training at Glasgow Caledonian University. I have worked in the Emergency theatre at RHC Glasgow for 21 years, with a brief stint at Edinburgh children’s hospital prior to this. I am the Trauma link nurse and member of the Wellbeing team in theatres.

I believe people should be any organisations priority as well as their best and most valuable asset. When we feel cared for and valued then we are happier and can realise our full potential.

Claire Kenyon - Charge Nurse, ED
Hi I’m Claire one of the Charge Nurses in Children’s ED and one of the leads for Peer Support. Love every bit of my job. Outside of work I devote my time to my 2 girls and my husband. We live for our holidays and enjoy spending time with friends.

Haytham Kubba - Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist, Associate Professor, University of Glasgow
Consultant in children’s ENT since 2003; survived my midlife crisis thanks to supportive wife and kids, and understanding colleagues; now involved in staff wellbeing initiative with a particular interest in stress, burnout and work-life balance, which for me means music, food and triathlon.  

Boma Lee - Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
I am one of the paediatric surgery and urology team.  I have been a consultant since 2015.

It is important for us all to be in tune with our well being and how it impacts on all aspects of our lives.

One of my colleagues once said to me adversity comes to all of us but it is how we pick ourselves up after a knock that is important. It is often easier said than done and I know from experience that the support of peers is critical at these times. As such I am passionate my role in the peer support process of the hospital. My hope is that I can give other people support which has been beneficial to me in the past.

Dawn MacDonald - Emergency Nurse Practitioner
Hi my name is Dawn MacDonald and I have been a paediatric nurse for 18 years now, working in the ED of the Children’s Hospital for 17 years.  I currently work as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner seeing minor injuries.  I am married and have two children aged 11 and 15.  When I am not being a taxi driver for my children ferrying them to their different groups and school, I like to read, sew and cook.

Eilidh MacLennan - Staff Nurse, PICU
Hi, I'm Eilidh. I am a PICU Staff Nurse and peer supporter. I am a single mum of one and a keen gardener and a lover of tea.

Marie McGale - Clinical Nurse Educator, PICU
Hi, I'm Marie, one of the PICU Clinical Nurse Educators and one of the leads for Peer Support.  Outside of work I dabble in Photography and I am also involved as a volunteer for a charity called WAY (Widowed and Young).  I love a Snapchat filter especially as it annoys my 2 teenagers. 

Anne McGettrick - Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
Hi, I’m Anne, one of the PICU Consultants. Interested in balancing life and work. Spend most of my time not at work home schooling and taxi-ing. Love planning holidays. Aspires to running, one day...perhaps. 

Lesley McKee - Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist
I've been a Consultant in the RHC Anaesthetic Department since 2003 (!).

I trained in Glasgow and London but I value closeness to family and the Scottish countryside so I moved back to the West of Scotland. Besides my theatre work I'm a Consultant Appraiser and I have an interest in patient safety and learning from error and clinical incidents. When I'm not at work I'm wrangling teenagers, a chocolate Labrador and trying to find time to keep fit, read and relax.

Monique McLeod - Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist
I moved to Scotland in 2017 from sunny Australia. I came to do a post-CCT fellowship at RHC but never left, won over by the lovely people, the amazing landscape and the proximity to Europe. I have a strong interest in staff wellbeing and am the lead for Wellbeing and Peer Support in Anaesthetics and Theatres, a trained mentor, as well as being on the subcommittee for Medical Wellbeing for the board for WOS. I dabble in PICU and Scotstar and am interested in trauma, developing world medicine, medical ethics and learning from excellence. Outside of work I love food, wine and travel and have 2 cheeky chihuahuas.

Sharon McTaggart - Staff nurse, ED

Hello, my name is Sharon, I am a band 5 staff nurse within the children’s ED Department. I am married with 2 young children and love spending time with family and friends, going for walks and enjoying fun days within parks and having picnics.

Nicola Miller - Senior Staff Nurse, Theatres
Hi, my name is Nicola Miller, I’m a senior staff nurse working in theatres at the Royal Hospital for Children where I have been for the past 10 years. I am proud to be part of both the Peer Support and Wellbeing in Theatre groups, which are in place to encourage and empower people to talk about mental health. Over the years I have needed the support of my colleagues and I am grateful to now be in a position that I can lend an ear and offer support to others. In my time off from work I enjoy making music, running and yoga.

Anna Pomfret - Staff Nurse, ED
I’m Anna and I’m a staff nurse in the Emergency Department. I moved to paediatrics from adult ED back in 2015 when the hospitals moved. My favourite thing to talk about is my cat, so if cute cat photos are what you need, I’m your woman!

Jennifer Scarth - Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
I’m Jennifer, PICU Consultant. I’ve experienced both sides of the NGS over the last few years so have some insight into the challenges and rewards of returning to work after Mat Leave and sickness absence, I also believe in the healing power of cake (both baking and eating it!)

Siobhan Sweeney - Consultant ED Physician
I’m Siobhan Sweeney. I’ve been a consultant in the Paediatric Emergency Department in the children’s hospital since 2012. I hugely value the support that I have received from my peers over my working life, and am invested in ensuring we have an approachable network of peers working to provide this same support for anyone who needs it. I am a mum of two wee girls, and very much enjoy fine food, wine and company. I love to cook and read and travel.  Please get in touch if you could do with a non judgemental listening ear.

Alyson Walker - Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist
Hello my name is Aly and I am a Consultant Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthetist.  I am passionate about creating the best experience for patients, parents and staff alike in our theatre suite.  Looking after our staff helps us to provide the best care we can for our patients, and peer support is part of this.  Out of work, I cherish time with my three kids, enjoy playing piano and am fast becoming a gardening geek.

Mark Worrall - Consultant Paediatric Intensivist, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist
Hi I’m Mark. I work as a consultant in PICU, ScotSTAR & anaesthetics. Horse rider (need a farm & horses!) and constantly trying to improve my running. Wellbeing is the Number one priority.

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