Hypoglycaemia, hospital treatment of

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Guidance on the emergency management of hypoglycaemia. 


All neonates, infants and children in the Royal Hospital for Children.


Medical and nursing staff in the Royal Hospital for Children.

Blood glucose < 2.5 mmol/L

1st Line:

  • If IV access not available or if Glucagon not already been given at home or in ambulance
  • Give Glucagon IM (>5yr 1mg, <5yr 0.5mg)
  • NB: likely to cause vomiting

2nd Line:

  • IV bolus dose 2ml/kg 10% Dextrose
  • Start 10% Dextrose infusion at 6ml/kg/hr

3rd Line:

  • Further IV bolus dose 2ml/kg 10% Dextrose

4th Line:

  • Change infusion to 20% Dextrose


Blood glucose 2.5 - 4.0 mmol/L

  • Oral glucose unless vomiting
  • when IV glucose as above


Blood glucose >4.0 mmol/L - normal (no Rx req.)

  • If coma persists, monitor blood glucose frequently and infuse glucose as required
  • Restlessness may be due to a full bladder
  • Consider other causes of decreased consciousness
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