Insulin pump therapy guideline

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The intention of this document is to provide basic information regarding safe management of diabetes patients using an insulin pump. It is principally directed at hospital outpatient and inpatient management, but those using an insulin pump should also find many details of use.

It is important to recognise that an insulin pump is simply one of several methods for delivering insulin, albeit a highly sophisticated one. The simplest way to deal with any concerns about a patient on insulin pump therapy will always be to:
1. stop the pump
2. remove the cannula, and
3. commence subcutaneous injections or an intravenous infusion of insulin, depending on circumstances (see Insulin Pump Calculation Sheet, page 29). However, greater familiarity with the principles of pump therapy may allow a more tailored response.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 01 September 2017

Next review: 01 March 2018

Author(s): Kenneth Robertson / Ian Craigie

Approved By: Greater Glasgow & Clyde Children’s Diabetes Service