Major Incident Plan, RHC [Staffnet]

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The purpose of the Major Incident Plan is to ensure that the hospital is in a position to respond to incidents outside of its normal experience and of such a scale that special arrangements will be required.

The Royal Hospital for Children’s (RHC) Major Incident Plan will be activated if it is known or anticipated that a significant number of paediatric casualties have resulted from a particular incident.

The Major Incident Plan follows an ‘all hazards approach’ with a single plan intended to cope with all types of major incident.

The details of the Major Incident Plan should be known to all staff likely to be involved in the response to a major incident. The plan has been drawn up to make clear the procedures to be followed and actions to be taken by designated members of staff under these circumstances.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 21 November 2020

Next review: 30 November 2025

Author(s): Siobhan Sweeney

Approved By: Women And Children’s Directorate Risk Management Group