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BCG referrals

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The BCG is no longer one of the vaccinations offered as part of the routine childhood vaccination schedule, due to the low prevalence of TB in the UK.

At the newborn examination, it is important to identify if the neonate is at an increased risk of TB.

The child will be referred to an outpatient Public Health Medicines clinic for BCG administration at either Govanhill Health Centre (Southside) or Woodside Health Centre (Westend). The vaccination is an intradermal injection, administered within the first 2 months of life.

Please ensure that referral proforma is completed. This must include indication for referral, parents telephone number, which centre they would prefer to attend for the vaccination, if an interpreter is required and if mum has been on any TNF alpha-antagonists or TB treatment. This proforma allows the neonatal secretaries to pass the baby’s details on to public health.

Full Guidelines: Immunisation Guidelines for Neonates

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Last reviewed: 10 June 2020

Next review: 27 July 2021

Author(s): Lesley Jackson; Kirsteen McSween