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Benign skin conditions in the neonate

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[Adapted from the FY2 Handbook]

Erythema Toxicum

  • Erythematous macular/popular lesions, often with white centre.
  • Occurs within first few days, can present up to 2 weeks later.
  • Spots will come and go (to different parts of body).
  • There is not treatment required, it will self resolve.


  • <2mm yellowish, white spots, usually on face
  • Secondary to blocked sweat glands. Can be on roof of mouth/penis (Ebstein’s pearl)
  • No treatment required. Will self resolve (usually within 8 weeks).

Sucking Blister

  • Usually on lips, hands or fingers.
  • Will self resolve

Mongolian Blue Spots

  • Areas of blue-grey pigmentation. Commonly in non-caucasian children.
  • Usually over back/buttocks, can be extensive. Usually fade over first year of life but can take longer.
  • Document carefully at time of postnatal check and ensure this is communicated to Community Midwifery staff. Can be mistaken for NAI at later stage. If you are unsure ask for Senior advice.
  • Advice to parents: reassurance
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Last reviewed: 08 December 2021

Next review: 31 December 2023

Author(s): Lesley Jackson; Lynsey Doran