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Immunisation and best practice guideline

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Infectious Disease


This guideline is designed to provide information and support to staff in the management of immunisation clinics.

This is not an exhaustive guideline but designed to be added to by individuals and used by staff to support their continuing professional development.

Information changes frequently and so some internet resources are listed to provide links for further information.

In addition, guidance and information will be circulated locally via CMO letters and Public Health Protection Unit (PHPU) newsletters: 

More detailed general information about vaccination and individual vaccines are given in the Immunisation Against Infectious Disease (Green Book) and it is strongly recommended that all staff involved in immunisation are familiar with the on-line version of the Green Book before undertaking immunisation clinics.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 25 January 2023

Next review: 31 January 2025

Author(s): Gillian Penrice

Approved By: Partnership Clinical Governance Forum

Document Id: 162