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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) – ‘New’ patient follow-up SOP

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November 2023: This guidance is currently under review as it has gone beyond the standard review date. It reflects best practice at the time of authorship / last review and remains safe for use. If there are any concerns regarding the content then please consult with senior clinical staff to confirm.

These follow up arrangements are for NEW presentations of HSP only.

Follow up arrangement are dependent on the home address of the patient.

IMPORTANT: Please create a new clinical note on PORTAL for all patients being referred to community children nurse teams for follow up.  This note should include what follow up arrangements have been made and for when.
Glasgow address

For patients with a Glasgow address please DO NOT refer to ward 1C for follow up any longer.

Please refer to Glasgow CCN team via Trakcare stating for HSP follow up as per pathway and indicating when they need to be seen:

Trakcare instructions:

  1. Highlight patient
  2. Click on ‘New Request’ tab at top of page
  3. Click on ‘Other’ tab on next page
  4. Within subcategory box (right hand side of screen 2/3rd down) search for and select ‘Community Children’s Nursing Team (CCNT)’.
  5. Within ‘Item’ box (below subcategory box) search for and select ‘ Community Children’s Nursing Team Paeds’.
  6. Then select “update”. This will bring up the referral form requiring clinical information to be completed.
  7. Please fill accordingly and ensure the on call consultant paediatrician is named (NOT Late consultant) – as this is who the CCN team will contact with any problems.

Please also contact the CCN team to ensure referral received on 0141 201 0677 at next available in-hours opportunity.

Inform the medical paediatric registrar of the patient at the time of discharge.  They do not have to see them but the patient’s details should be put onto medical paediatric handover so that the on-call consultant knows they have an HSP follow up patient under their name. The patient can then be discussed at morning handover.

Cambuslang/Rutherglen address

Refer to Lanarkshire Children’s Community Nursing Team (CCNT) – complete request for assistance (RFA form - download here) then email to

Paisley address

Patients with a PAISLEY address (all PA1-PA11 postcodes) can be referred to the RAH CCN team for follow up – email patient details/chi/phone number/brief history to: AND – they will contact parents to follow up.

Inverclyde address

Patients from Greenock, Gourock, Kilmacolm or Port Glasgow areas can have follow up from IRH CCN team.

Email: or phone: 01475505065

with patient details for follow up.

Vale of Leven address

Acorn CCN team will undertake follow up

In-hours, phone 01389 817423 to discuss.   Out-of-hours, phone 01389 817429 and leave a voicemail message regarding patient.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 19 June 2020

Next review: 31 October 2024

Author(s): Dr Allison McKie (Consultant in Paediatric Medicine, RHCG)

Co-Author(s): Correspondence author: Dr Steve Foster (Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, RHCG)

Approved By: Paediatric Emergency Department